Un Atlas Humain: c’est ça que les sérigraphies de José Molina représentent, elles sont très différentes dans les sujets et les thématiques traitées.

La recherche et l’exploration des états d’âme et sentiments se concrétise dans les formes (presque) surréalistes des figures, un trait d’union qui se répète souvent dans l’œuvre de l’artiste.

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José Molina Screenprints

The Screenprints realised by José Molina  portrait human beings, animals, nature and concepts; if, often, the images are clear and recognizable, other times they show hybrid creatures, almost alienating.

Differently from others, the works in series by Molina are not printed in big editions; Deodato Arte Gallery proposes, among the screenprints, different artworks for genre, colours and impressions.

The research conducted by Molina is self-examining: the images of his paintings are therefore metaphorical.

Very diverse, Molina Screenprints are an Athlas of Human Beings.

They represent the relationships between mankind and our society, the feelings and moods that take form through the figures of these almost surrealist figures.

The subjects and themes of Molina Screenprints

The subjects of these artworks on paper are various.

With these screenprints it is possible to find a visual dictonary that, with the passing of time, will be often represented in great part of José Molina artistic production.

The subjects can be grouped in

  • People. Anthropomorphic figures, recognizable at a first glance, but distorted in their details: huge mouths, elongated fingers, blurring heads which are moods' caricatures.
  • Things. They are heavy burdens, feelings, actions, moments; finally, Molina reproduces concepts, giving form to what is abstract.
  • Scenes. Fragments of our society or elements that belongs to our life and end up creating a place repository of significances, represented through the use of metaphors.

Despite the different representations, what matters to Molina is the meaning hidden within his works: the artist creates exaggerated portraits of metaphor-characters that are ideas and concepts he interrogates himself about.